High Quality Discreet Surveillance
Surveillance is conducted to discover the activities of a company or an individual through the use of video and other digital equipment.
Investigate Before you Invest
Buying a Business? Hiring a New Partner? Starting a New Venture? Mergers, Acquisitions etc.. Ghana's number one choice by the legal and venture capital community.
Asset Investigation/Skip Tracing
Location of missing debtors, Enforcement of Judgment, Asset Investigation on Individuals and Companies, Recovery of property, Collection Related Issues..
Trust Falcon Private Investigator
to Find the Truth

Finding the right private investigator doesn’t have to be hard. Falcon PI is a full service investigation agency serving clients from our primary office in Accra.

With a large staff of private detectives on our team, we are able to offer experienced private investigators in Insurance Fraud, Criminal Investigations, Civil and Family Law Investigations and Corporate and Due Diligence Investigations.

Five-Plus Decades
in Business
The Real Power to
Qualified Security
We are Reliable &
Falcon Private Investigations offers a wide variety of services. With our experienced and highly qualified staff and private detectives we carry the solutions that you are looking for.
Private security
We have both armed and unarmed officers available on staff, allowing us to cater our protective services to the distinct needs of our clients.
Missing Persons
Did they leave on their own accord or were they abducted? Its the first question that we will ask you. Either way, you want to find them and we want to help get them to safety.
Fraud Investigations
If you are a victim of fraud, you will be happy to know that the penalties are stiff for the convicted offender.
Forensic Investigation
Need help with employee device management protocols? ask us about our corporate programs
Due Diligence
Choosing the right company to invest in has always been a difficult process, but it doesn’t have to be. There are some basic steps that can be done to mitigate your risk and remove some of the fog
Background Checks
You are putting yourself at risk if you do not know who you are dealing with. We offer a full menu of background and investigation reports for a variety of uses.
Standard Surveillance
When looking for an investigation firm to handle your surveillance you will want to know that you are getting a firm with experience in all types of surveillance.
Bug Detection & Sweeps
Our Team investigates the presence of electronic “bugs” and a variety of other technical devices that compromise the integrity of confidential communications
Insurance Investigations
Our team of highly trained private investigators can see through the deceptions and collect admissible evidence to dispute their claim.
High Standards of Expertise &
With a strong Forensic and Technical Surveillance Counter Measure Team to support the ongoing investigation, Falcon PI enjoys an unusually high rate of success. If you do not have legal representation, we can refer you to one of the top attorneys that we work with to give you the best chance of obtaining your goals. Call or email us when you need a private investigator.
All our cases start with a free consult, either by phone on in person at our offices or a place of your choosing. All you need to do is call or email us to get started.
Access Control System
Risk Assessment
Close Protection
Industrial Security
Questions About A Security Issue? Ask Our Experts.
Your Challenges Made Easy, With Our Solutions.
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Quick Estimates
We understand that contracting a private investigator is a time-consuming process. That is why here at FPI, we will give you a quick quote the same day on any of our services.
Low Cost Security
You shouldn’t be forced to choose between quality security services and cost effective security services, we’ve spent 5+ years delivering both.
Protect While You Prosper
We have clients that have unfortunately wasted tremendous time and resources on the wrong security companies that could not meet their standards, fortunately they found FPI.

Call Helpline: +233 (0) 200-855-535
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So Far so good. If you want the best and accurate results, don’t look anywhere. They are very affordable and nice. Customer service is excellent
Akua GyanSenior Nurse
We have been working with Falcon Private Investigations for many, many years. They are fast, efficient, fair, pleasant to work with, willing to go the extra mile, and take tremendous pride in their well-deserved reputation for professional excellence. We would not have been able to achieve many of the successful results in our cases were it not for the assistance of Falcon Private Investigations
FrancisHuman Resource Manager
Falcon Private Investigation team has always been very professional and is a shining light in an often dark and murky field. Their integrity and hard work shine through. They did phone number searches and research for us and they are very consistent.