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Falcon private detectives are experienced in insurance investigations and knows what is involved with these types of cases. Many of our private detectives have worked with insurance companies handling their investigations for years and have detailed knowledge of precisely how a Worker Comp Investigation works and have done hundreds of Activity Checks and Wellness Checks.

Workers’ Compensation

Workers’ Compensation Fraud is a serious problem that continues to grow. The amount of money awarded for these “faked” injuries is staggering.

Activity Checks

Our Insurance Services division sends its private investigators to provide Activity Checks and Wellness Checks. We perform direct and indirect contact with the subject to…

SIU Investigations

Our SIU department handles any investigation deemed “Special” meaning not a typical worker’s compensation investigation.  This includes but is not limited to,..

Death and Disability Investigations

Falcon PI is not limited to just civil investigations.  We handle criminal investigations both nationally and abroad.  We have the expertise needed to investigate …

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