Researching personal bodyguard services can be overwhelming. We understand it can be frightening to learn that someone is seeking to harm you or your loved ones? Who can you trust to protect you and your family? If personal bodyguard services is what you would want, then you should be looking to hire a well-trained skilled Bodyguard also referred to as an Executive Protection Specialist who has either been in the military, performed diplomatic protection on behalf of the Foreign Affairs Ministry or was a former law enforcement officer.

As a high –net worth individual, you appreciate the value of having qualified Bodyguards with you when traveling abroad. Many of our clientele travel worldwide several times a year sometimes on business or while on vacations with their families traveling either on a private yacht or plane. Over time, these high profile clients (many are celebrities) appreciate how vitally important it is to have rock-solid professional Bodyguards assigned to their family or concert tour during their travels.

Many of our clients enjoy shopping in the fashionable boutiques and elite department stores located in the major cities. These clients are seasoned travelers through previous bad experiences know it is best to be accompanied by Professional Bodyguards. Unfortunately, some of our clients personally experienced being robbed while going in and out of luxury boutiques carrying shopping bags containing exquisite purchases. Lessons learned they never again would shop without having a personal protection Bodyguard(s) with them.

We accommodate many clients who are anxious about attending a contentious business meeting, a deposition, or court proceeding, and they will request personal bodyguard services. Sometimes it is intimidating to the attendees in the meeting when a mean looking Bodyguard walks in with a client. We instruct our Bodyguards to enter a room with the client with a cordial smile and nod to the attendees. We have experienced meetings where an overzealous Bodyguard from the adversarial party came in acting like an attack dog which caused all the attendees to leave the meeting. Expect your Bodyguard to conduct an advanced survey of the building where your meeting will be held to know where the closest exits are and where your transportation should safely park.

Upon learning that a client received egregious verbal threats or worse yet was physically assaulted, we will conduct a thorough risk assessment of the client’s residence and place of business. We’ll inquire whether local police were notified and if the assailant is stalking the client. Testing will be conducted on the functionality of all existing CCTV and alarm systems in the residence and business locations. We will test the residential grounds for any attempt at underpinning the walls or landscape of the property. Electric gates to the property will be checked for functionality. Upon completion of our personal bodyguard services assessment and after consultation with the client, we will determine with the client’s approval how many Bodyguards will be assigned to the client and his family. Kidnapping for ransom is a serious concern of many clients we represent.

Our Bodyguards are trained to react quickly and to remain diligent at all times. Our client’s safety is first and foremost. Many of our Bodyguards men and woman have endured life-threatening situations while deployed in the field as well as on the city streets across the country. There is one imperative take away from this article, which is vital to the safety of a client that is the Advance Survey and subsequent preparations.

Please take a moment to peruse our accolades here. We believe you will find comfort in knowing you have one of the finest personal Bodyguard Services Companies in Ghana at your disposal. Should you be planning a trip abroad, please know we maintain an active list of International Bodyguards to serve you anywhere in the world.